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Le Village 31510 Cier de Rivière France

Your guide: Frantz Dhers

CEO of Originals

Frantz is a sustainability and local cultures enthusiast who lives between the French Pyrenees mountains and Athens, Greece.

Frantz helps people and organizations re-connect with local natural environments and local cultures.

Trip 2023 #1 - Chios island

Sea, land, wind, sun, humans.

Chios is not a touristic place, maybe too proud and free minded to become a Greek island like any other.

Chios was the only Greek island which remained neutral during the war against the Persian Empire in 479 BC, which spent 250 years under strict Genovese rule, which faced pirates raids along the Middle-Age and which became free from the Ottomans 80 years after the Greek revolution and the famous ‘Chios massacre’. Such specific, diverse -and tough- history created a unique place, poles apart from the softness and human tides of Santorini and Mykonos.

Chios is deeply linked with the natural elements: the sea (the biggest Greek shipowners come from here since thousands of years), the soil (its traditionally non-intensive agriculture has contributed to the preservation of endemic species), as well as the sun and the wind (its famous windmills are now transformed into wind and sun-farms). Chios' specific climate and landscapes also gave birth to unique local products, such as mastic resin and citrus, which make the place thrive since more than 3000 years.

Chios is a great place to feel the elements, meet proud communities and walk around unique landscapes in order to re-connect with the -sometimes too conceptual and global- sustainability challenges of today.

Trip 2023 #2 - Pyrenees mountains

wildness, mystery, pride, greenery.

According to the Greek mythology, Pyrene, daughter of Celtiberian king Brebyx, was once loved and abandoned by the semi Greek god Herakles. She gave birth to a snake and went hiding her dishonor in far mountains, finally devoured by beasts. Remorseful, Herakles buried Pyrene in this wild place: the Pyrenees mountains were born.

Pyrenees are a geographical border, between France, Spain, the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. But Pyrenees mountains are also a border for the human mind: their tough climate, green sceneries, proud local communities and hot water sources make travellers reconnect with themselves since millenials.

Those mountains full of legends, wildlife, harsh landscapes and warm local culture are an amazing way to experience sustainability challenges on-the-ground... and on-the-top (of the mountains) !

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